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COSMOS Organic Certification for Ethical Skincare: Ecocert Cosmetics

As information becomes more accessible, consumers are becoming adept at understanding product labels and making informed choices about what they apply to their skin.

There’s a growing preference for natural skincare products due to their health benefits, safety, cruelty-free nature, and ethical consciousness. As global awareness of our environmental impact grows daily, so does the emphasis on eco-friendly practices – like choosing organic skincare. Certifications such as ECOCERT COSMOS Organic or Natural can validate transparent business operations and high-quality products.

Let’s explore the purpose of the COSMOS standard and Ecocert organic certification. We will also identify which Body & Simplicity. catalogue items carry the Ecocert-certified cosmetics: Natural and Organic label.



Certifying organisation that:

  • approves raw materials
  • certifies product formulas
  • certifies product packaging
  • certifies product labels


Standard for Natural & Organic cosmetics, that promotes:

  • responsible use of natural resources
  • sustainable sourcing of plant ingredients via organic agriculture
  • sustainable manufacturing methods

Signs of ECOCERT approval in accordance with COSMOS STANDARD:

What is Ecocert?

Ecocert, a premier global organic certification body established in France, has been advocating for sustainable practices via certification for over three decades.

Initially focused on organic farming, Ecocert has expanded its scope to sectors like cosmetics and skincare. The organization is dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly production processes that enhance product quality and safety.

Cosmetic Ingredients


  • Acquired directly from plants
  • Sourced from organic farms

ex. Plant oils or extracts, floral waters, essential oils, glycerin, alcohol.


  • Ingredients that are not organic certified
  • Processed(*) plant ingredients
  • Mineral ingredients

ex. Plant waxes, emulsifiers, emollients, zinc oxide.


  • Created via chemical reactions
  • Must not exceed 2% in a product

ex. Benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, salicylic acid.

Processed = not acquired directly from plants, rather derived from plant ingredients through chemical or physical processing methods.

Ecocert specializes in COSMOS certification, which emphasizes eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. This certification is applicable to natural skincare brands, assuring environmentally conscious production and processing, judicious use of natural resources, biodiversity preservation, exclusion of petrochemical ingredients like parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial fragrances and colorants. It also ensures no GMOs are used and packaging is recyclable.

All Body & Simplicity. skincare products hold Ecocert certifications. The entire range has undergone thorough verification by the Ecocert team from formulation to processing and packaging stages. However, the product line splits into two categories – Natural and Organic.


Product fragrance

  • Approved by ECOCERT
  • Scent compositions are made of:
    • natural extracts of flowers
    • natural extracts of herbs
    • natural extracts of wood
    • natural extracts of tree leaves

thus conveying the true beauty of nature.


COSMOS Natural

To earn the COSMOS Natural label, all ingredients in a product must be of natural origin, barring a limited list of approved exceptions (including preservatives), which are allowed in minimal quantities. On average, products certified by Ecocert contain 99% naturally sourced ingredients. A majority of Body & Simplicity’s face and body care products hold this Natural certification.Every category of our face care line is Naturally certified. This includes cleansing options like Clarifying Gel and Purifying Mousse, toning solutions such as Hydrating Toner or Purifying Toner. We also offer specialized items like Hydrating Serum, CBD Eye Cream, Smoothing Eye Cream, Brightening Eye Cream, Caffeine Gel Booster and Antioxidant Ginkgo Gel Booster that are entirely natural. Our moisturizers including Moisturizing Day Cream, Light Moisturizing Day Cream, Anti-Age Day Cream, Nourishing Rich Cream and Oil-Free Hydrating Gel are also Naturally certified. To complete your skincare routine with natural products Sunscreen SPF30 and BB cream can be applied.

ECOCERT Cosmos Natural - COSMOS Organic Certification for Ethical Skincare: Ecocert Cosmetics

Our haircare range featuring Moisturizing Shampoo,Nourish and Volumize Shampoo,and Moisturizing Conditioner have earned the Natural certification too.

For body care needs we offer natural-labelled items like: Moisturizing Body Lotion,Hyradting Body Wash,Hyradting Hand cream along with all variants of Hand & Body Wash.

Why 99% Natural?

Body SimplicitySkincareAcademy 99percent removebg preview - COSMOS Organic Certification for Ethical Skincare: Ecocert Cosmetics
ECOCERT Cosmos Organic - COSMOS Organic Certification for Ethical Skincare: Ecocert Cosmetics

COSMOS Organic

A product can only receive a COSMOS Organic certification if at least 95% of its plant ingredients are organic and a minimum of 20% (or 10% for rinse-off products) of the total formula is made up from organic ingredients. It’s important to note that water or minerals do not count as “organic” because they aren’t agricultural.

Currently, Body & Simplicity. shop offers four certified Organic products: Gentle Cleansing Milk, Micellar Cleansing Water, Nourishing Facial Oil, and CBD Oil Booster. These items make an excellent small collection for those interested in creating an organic-focused skincare line.

Ecocert cosmetics with COSMOS organic certification represent a commitment to production practices that benefit both skin health and the environment. With Selfnamed, you’re guaranteed top-quality sustainable products for long-term use.

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